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Have you ever regretted sending an email, and wished you could take it back? Or maybe you’ve worried about sending confidential information over email – especially after seeing the damage a large-scale email hack can cause, like the one that hit Sony Pictures last year? A new “self-destructing” email service called Dmail aims to eliminate these concerns with the introduction of tool that allows you to better control the messages that are sent over Gmail.

With Dmail, you can revoke access to any email at any time, and, in a release arriving soon, you’ll be able to stop recipients from forwarding your message to others, too.

The idea for the new service comes from the team behind the social bookmarking serviceDelicious. A longtime web staple, Delicious was sold by its former owners, YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, to the tech investment and advisory firm Science, Inc., run by former MySpace President Mike Jones.

Along with Delicious, Science invests a number of growing startups, like FameBit and Hello Society, through its Science Media Group arm, and incubates and invests in others like DogVacay, HomeHero, Dollar Shave Club and more.


                                                         HOW DMAIL WORKS 

1.Send with Dmail

After installing the chrome plugin, all you have to do is click “Send with Dmail” and you’re all set.

2.Encrypted message

Dmail messages can be securely sent to anyone, regardless of whether they have Dmail. But don't worry, only the intended recipient will be able to read your message.

3.Revoke access
You can revoke access to any message sent with Dmail at any time. The recipient will no longer be able to read the contents of your email, nor will anyone else.

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