E1 Camera. 4K UHD interchangeable lens camera

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About Z Camera

Z was founded in March, 2013 by a vibrant team of digital imaging and information technology experts. We love to dream, create images, create video and push the boundaries of electrical engineering. Our goal is to separate ourselves from traditional photo and video products by rethinking things from the ground up.

“After spending years in the camera industry, I realized that most companies are much more interested in cutting costs of their current products than investing in developing new ones and listening to what people want," said Jason Zhang, engineer and creatorGoPro has made millions selling its mini cameras to the adventurous among us. Of course, thrill-seekers aren’t the only ones interested in what the company has to offer. There are no doubt a number of people that have opted for a GoPro primarily due to its compact nature.

For those buyers, a GoPro is a good – but not great – option due to the limitations of its form factor.

If a versatile, small form factor camera is what you desire, the micro four-thirds platform is perhaps the best place to start your search. Even still, however, you’re going to find that these cameras may have a bit more bulk than you’d prefer.

Incredible Technology

 E1 from Z is the smallest 4K ultra-high definition camera with an interchangeable lens system. The E1 is Wi-Fi 802.11N, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Ambarella A9 image processor equipped. 
Easily capture cinema-quality 4K 4096x2160 video at 24 frames per second or ultra-high definition video 3840x2160 at 30 frames per second with H.264 compression. Advanced 3D noise filters using motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF ) technology reduces noise and jitter. This allows for incredible low-light performance with the camera’s ability to shoot at up to 102,400 ISO while maintaining high image quality, up to 6400 ISO. 

Connect & Control

 For iOS and Android, are already available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. These apps provide users the ability to control, live stream and manage content via their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0-enabled devices.

Additionally, the 3D noise filter actively removes ghosting and blurring. E1’s die cast magnesium housing is specifically designed to dissipate heat and properly support the high demands of the A9 image processor, making all of this technology possible.

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