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iPhone 6C will launch with iPhone 6S this September

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How to recover trashed files on a Mac

If you've trashed a file and then realized you need it, you can recover it if you haven't emptied the Trash. Just open the Trash folder and drag it out. If you've emptied the Trash and are using Time Machine to make regular backups, switch to the Finder, then open Time Machine, and use the arrows at the bottom-right of the screen to "go back" to a point when you know you had the file.
Locate the file, click on it, and hit Restore. For other backup software, refer to its manual to find out how to recover a file. Not running regular backups? Set up a regular schedule now. At least tw both on and off-site.
It isn't time to panic yet. Trashed files aren't deleted from your drive, but their entry in the directory is removed and the space made available to be overwritten. As soon as you realize you need the trashed file, stop using your Mac for anything that's not necessary to recover the file.

There are a number of software tools that can help recover trashed…

Access blocked website

Accessing websites sometimes you may face problems. You may face errors such as ‘this webpage is not available’ or ‘this website/url has been blocked’, all such messages are really annoying. But if you still want to access theses website from your current IP, the best way to access a blocked website is by using a proxy sites or proxy server. Proxy sites can open blocked or restricted website which are not accessible via colleges proxy, schools proxy, government offices, IP restricted etc.

Proxy services create a virtual private network that encrypts data as it travels between your PC and the proxy servers. While you do this, you keep your IP address anonymous and also protect your data or info, as it cannot be traced back directly to you. Proxy services act as an intermediary between you and the rest of the internet, using their servers to send your information to the web and then sending the response back to you.

Create Your Own Mobile App Free Without Coding

If you want to make your own app for your business or to make money online, but you don’t have the coding skills, then even mobile app development is now not a nightmare.
Believe it, you have no need to be an expert of HTML 5, iOS SDK, Java and many other programming and scripting languages to build your own mobile app.

Here list of free website for creating online iPhone,Android,blackberry & Windows App
(1)AppsGeyser (2)AppyPie (3)IBulidApp (4)AppMakr (5)Buildfire (6)Appyet