Auto share blog post on social networking sites.

Do you wish that you could automatically publish that media to your blog.

You can automatically share your new posts on Facebook page or WordPress . Using IFTTT "If this Then That"                                                                   


IFTTT has a channel for each service that it supports. The WordPress Channel allows you to autopost content and media from outside sources to your blog. IFTTT doesn’t just publish posts immediately, you can also choose to save posts as drafts or publish privately. This is good if you want to edit your posts before making them public.

The IFTTT WordPress Channel not only supports blogs hosted on but also self-hosted blogs. To activate the channel you’ll need to enter your blog URL, username and password.

Also be sure that your blog has XML-RPC enabled, so that IFTTT can publish to it remotely (go to Settings – Writing – Remote Publishing).


In the “If This, Then That” equation, the trigger is “this.” Since you want other services to “trigger” and post to your WordPress blog, you won’t have to worry about the triggers for WordPress.

Just know that if you ever want to automatically post your WordPress blog to other services, you can do so with IFTTT.


Likewise, in the “If This, Then That” equation, the action is “that.” This is the important part of your autoblogging recipe because it will tell IFTTT what to post on your blog. You can choose to use one of the following actions:
Create a post – will create a blog post with text only
Create a photo post – will create a blog post with a photo on top and text underneath

For both actions, you can customize the action fields (i.e. title, body, tags, category).


Useful WordPress Recipes

Now that you know the basics of triggers and actions (which are used to make recipes), we can get into some really useful WordPress autoblogging recipes.

Each service that you use will have different triggers, so the recipe possibilities are practically endless. Because of this, I’ll only list the ones that I feel are the most beneficial for WordPress bloggers.

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