Access Shared Windows Files on Android

You can access majority of your PC’s things from your Android device.You can access your
mouse, Google chrome from your mobile and even your Computer’s screen by using Team Viewer. But is there any possible way to access your computer’s Hard drive from your Android device. The answer is Yes.

This trick is very simple. You just need an Android device and a computer connected on same Wi-Fi network. Using this method, you can also transfer files between your mobile and computer at very high speed. Just follow a few simple steps mentioned below to access your computer’s hard drive using your Android device.
Access File On Android


  • Android device
  • ES File Explorer
  • Connected on same Wi-Fi network.
  • net should be opened on your browser. 
Step 1) Open My Computer on your PC and right click on the drive you want to share with your Android mobile.

Step 2) Now click on properties of your drive. Now click on sharing tab.

Step 3) Click on Advance Sharing. A menu will open up. Now click on Share this folder. Then click on Apply and then OK.

Now your computer is ready to share this drive with your android device.

Step 4) Now Download and install ES File Explorer on your Android device. Now open this app.

Step 5) Now at the left top corner, you will see three line button. Click on it and scroll down and select LAN. After scanning you will see your computer listed there.

Step 6) Click on your computer’s name and fill in your username and password. Your username and password are the same which you use to login to your computer.

Step 7) Once you have successfully logged in, you would be able to see all the drives.

Step 8) Click on the drive you shared. Now you can easily transfer files between you and your computer.

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